Thursday, January 6, 2011

Garena Master Ver 52.02 Download

Download link: Download Here

Garena Hack:
-Removes 5 seconds wait while joining rooms
-Auto-joiner feature [ Disable this if you have x64 system ]
-Removes 'Room is Full' error message
-Allows flood in room chat.
-Exact Ping View
-Removes MH/CK detection
-Removes Warcraft protection, so your MH/CK will work properly.
-Leave room while playing
-EXP Hack [ Basic Member: (150xp / 15min) | Gold member: ( 300xp / 15min) With 3 clients.]
-Styles: styles are not really hacks. It just client sided !
-Admin-Menu-Hack (Trace-IP works, some other functions are server-sided)
-Ladder Shower-Hack ( Show details of everyone in-game even without gold member (when you are not the host)
-Auto-hides room's ads.
-Super-Nudge hack

Warcraft 3 hack:
-Reveal units on Mainmap
-Remove FOG on Mainmap
-Reveal units on Minimap
-Remove FOG on Minimap
-Enable Trade / View Resource
-Make units clickable
-Reveal Illusions
-Reveal Invisibles
-Show Runes
-Show Skills / Cooldowns
-Bypass dota -ah
-CAM Distance Hack
-Cooldown hack [1.24d only]
-Mana Bars - Credits to: cqccyh
-Rune Notifier
-Ally/Enemy/All Hero icon
-Reveal Ping Signal
-Gray HP
-Red invisible units
-Delay Reducer
-Custom Cam Distance Hack
-Host Hack
-Name Spoofer (Work on Garena, only see the new nick inside of w3)

Host Hack Command
.delayon (lag the player, you can choose the ms)
.xon (alias to .delayon)
.delayoff (Stop lagging the player
.xoff ( alias to .delayoff)
.block (kick with lag screen)
.b (alias to .block)
.kick (kick person without lagscreen)
.k (alias to .kick)

PS: You need send this commands by Private Message, inside of Warcraft III

Name Spoofer
APPLE_NAME (This will make your nick inside of warcraft turn into apple)
RED_APPLE_NAME (Red Apple, you can't see the color, only others)
BLACK_APPLE_NAME (Black Apple, you can't see the color, only others)
GREEN_APPLE_NAME (Green Apple, you can't see the color, only others)
BLUE_APPLE_NAME (Blue Apple, you can't see the color, only others)
WHITE_APPLE_NAME (White Apple, you can't see the color, only others)
EMPTY_NAME (This will make your nick empty)

Dota Features
-Auto Dodge for hero spells
-Auto Dodge the spell with Eul's scepter/Puck's 3rd spell (see help for + info
-Show enemy clicks
-Show hero lines
-Show cs in numbers
-Camera Hack by scroll
-Show cs buff in numbers
-Gray HP under Fog

GarenaMaster Changelog:
Changelog: Version: 52.02 - [2010/12/24]
- Changed label "Adv. W3X Config." to "Version Switcher"
- Changed credit label in Dota Features.
- Now the popup created by "Auto Open" of manabar and WarKey will be auto closed.
- Now the Warkey when open by Auto Open will be auto hide to tray icon.
- Removed Compatibility Move, since it not fixed the problem, it's some problem with IE.
- Some bugfix.

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